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Colour India

Textiles tour

“I really enjoyed the hands-on experience of travelling with Liz in India and being welcomed into people's homes in the small rural villages, seeing their beautiful hand-work in action, and experiencing their day-to-day life. “The accommodation was also a great experience from a tent in the desert to a spiritual palace on the Ganges. A really mind blowing experience to the senses; colour, wonderful tastes, and of course the loud honking of horns! “Few tourists would ever have this experience.”

Juliet Bain, Rotorua, 2016.

"Experiencing India and its eye-popping diversity, for the first time, with Liz Light, was truly a light-filled experience. I had always wanted to go but never knew quite how to go about it. I didn’t want a mainstream tour along a well-beaten tourist trail. I was really happy with touring with Liz-she knows and loves India. You feel safe with Liz.

She took our small group in an air conditioned bus to see the landscape, deserts, cities, markets, temples, mosques and historical sites and the craftspeople of Gujarat and Delhi. For me, highlights were when we turned off the road and drove along dusty lanes to visit many skilled craftsmen and women working quietly in their own homes to support their families. I would never have seen these wonderfully skilled artists/crafters if I hadn’t been with Liz. Her local knowledge is invaluable.

My Indian journey with her was a taster. I want more!"

Jane Wynyard, New Plymouth, 2014

“Late in 2015 I went on a tour of India with Liz Light. I loved every minute of the trip; the things we saw and the places we went to. We travelled on our own bus, with driver and a local guide, at each destination. At no stage did I feel unsafe. The accommodation we stayed at was varied and fun and I have no hesitation in recommending both Liz and her tours.”

Margaret Champion, Whitianga, 2015.

“Our Textile Tour of India with Liz, in 2015, was one of the best adventures I have had. India is such an amazing country. The people are so humble and friendly, the colours vibrant, the palaces and old buildings completely magical and the food delicious. On the downside it is noisy, crowded (1.2 billion people), untidy and chaotic.
The main purpose of our visit was to study beautiful Indian textiles including silk weaving, intricate embroidery, block-printing and hand-woven carpets. The quality of these was breath-taking and it was all wonderfully researched by Liz.
Along the way we stayed in a variety of interesting accommodation including a tented community in the Banni desert and a 500-year-old former palace on the banks of the river Ganges. As well as textiles we visited ancient markets including the Spice Market in Delhi, bazaars, mosques and the famous Taj Mahal in Agra.
Thank you Liz for a wonderful adventure and one that I will never forget.”

Denise Tremewan, Hawkes Bay, 2016

“I enjoyed every minute of this tour and it was about so much more than textiles. I was a bit apprehensive about "India" and didn’t know what to expect but the textiles were marvellous and so was the food, the scenery and buildings and the people. Visiting them in their villages and homes was such a privilege, as was learning about their culture and history. The interesting variety of hotels made a wonderful holiday. And even the toilets were good!
Liz, your advice to us about how to keep well and safe worked very well and I never felt nervous or vulnerable. Between you, our Indian guides, Devidas and Harry, and our navigators carefully assisting us off the bus, well, you gave us gave us a wonderful time. I am still on an India high.”

Robyn Madden, Hawkes Bay, 2016

“I was a little apprehensive before departing for India but once my feet touched the ground, in Bhuj, I knew that I was going to thoroughly enjoy the tour. The colours were amazing, the people were charming; so friendly, and they all wanted to make sure we had a great time. I especially enjoyed visiting the villages and seeing their beautiful textiles. The local guides were great. Harry was exceptional; he was never stuck for an answer. I particularly liked the mix of accommodation and really enjoyed the tented camp in the desert. Altogether it is a very well planned itinerary I certainly want to return to India.”

Libby Fletcher, Rotorua, 2016

“I did one of Liz’s textile tours to India in 2014. I often think of Devidas, our lovely Indian guide, and how good he was to us. Meanwhile, back home, I admire my exquisite hand-crafted purchases and they bring back many happy India’ memories. India certainly does get under your skin, well mine anyway!”

Sue Waterworth, Napier, 2014

“I travelled to India with Liz in 2015; a textile tour of India was always on my-to do list. To visit the artisans in their rural villages and to see the colourful embroideries of the tribal women of Kutch, the ikat, tie and dye weavers, hand-block printers and the silk brocade weavers was an absolute highlight.
“It was also inspiring to visit the organisations that are committed to the preservation of these traditional crafts. A small group, the variety of places visited, the delicious vegetarian food, charming Indian guides and the wealth of knowledge and experience that Liz has of India made for a fascinating time."

Di McBride, Martinborough, 2016

If you are interested in adventure, seeing out-of-the-way and exciting places with local guides where you can see handcrafted textiles being made in villages, meeting friendly people, eating delicious local food and staying healthy, Liz Light’s ‘India: Handcrafted Textiles’ Tour is for you. We even managed a wonderful day trip to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal and the Red Fort. Totally magic and indeed a wonder of the manmade world! I completely recommend this opportunity to travel with a small friendly group. In fact, I am booked in to join the next trip at the end of this year and can hardly wait!

Diana Valentine, Epsom, Auckland, 2016

“In November 2017 David and I took Textile Tour 2, visiting Delhi, Agra, Kashmir, Kolkata and West Bengal. We are so glad we did – we had an absolutely fantastic time! We experienced so much – people, colours, architecture, noise, landscapes, food – every day was wonderful. The local guides were exceptional, the accommodation very well-chosen, and the international and domestic travel arrangements worked perfectly.
The textiles on this tour are stunningly beautiful, and being able to meet the craftsmen and women who create them is such an honour. The opportunity to visit rural villages is not to be missed. A highlight for us was visiting Kashmir. Listening to calls to prayer from a houseboat on Lake Dal is a memory that will stay with us.
It is really worth persuading your husband/significant other to join the tour. He will love it! David is not especially interested in textile crafts, but he enjoyed the tour as much as any of the women, including the textile experiences.
India is a wonderful place! We loved it so much that we have already booked for Textile Tour 1 in 2018."

Andrea, Nelson

“I thoroughly enjoyed the trip – all of it. I’m not sure what I expected but it was so much more, and a special thanks to the others in the group who looked after ‘Gaadi-ji’ so well. I always felt secure.
I really loved the master craftsmen and women and their amazing skills perfected over the years; the different techniques and seeing how they came to be, not just viewing the end results. I thought the Rogan art the most skilful, and some of the other forms of textile art, like the kantha quilting, I could relate to as I had included it in my textile diploma. A special treat was with Sophia and learning a better way and variations to do some basic stitches. Having taught embroidery in many different forms, for twenty years, it was wonderful for me.
The rest of the trip and its outings were interesting too. I learned about the culture and history, met the locals and visited their temples. The guides did an excellent job and so did the drivers! I learnt and absorbed so much – sometimes it felt to the point of overflowing. It was a truly exciting experience."

Robin, Dunedin, 2017

“What a wonderful tour it was. Our first Indian guide, Jeetu, was fantastic. He fitted in with our group so well, passed on so much knowledge, had a great sense of humour and he was also very kind. Our Jaipur guide, Amir was also excellent with so much knowledge on a wide range of topics to share with us.
One of the reasons I like to travel is to learn and I learned such a lot about textiles and other crafts from the artisans. Then there were all the other topics such as politics, religion, customs, way of life etc!
Going in to people’s homes and workplaces was a privilege and something unique to your tours. For me the balance of textiles and visiting tourist sites was perfect. I found my first sight of the Ganges was unexpectedly emotional. There are many other special moments I will always treasure. Thank you for making this amazing experience possible."

Meri, Cambridge, 2017

“I thoroughly enjoyed my second textile tour with Colour India and the opportunities it gave to us to go into villages and people’s work places were absolute highlights. I especially enjoyed going to Kashmir, which was beautiful, and being able to see every step of the creation of a pashmina shawl through visiting the artisan’s in their homes. The houseboat we stayed on was amazing, too, as were the shikara rides on the lake. Aamir was an excellent Kashmir guide and I feel much better informed about the Muslim faith as we often hear so much that is negative about it.
The other local guides, Amar in Jaipur and Suvendu in West Bengal, were also terrific. And thank you very much, Janie, for your fun company and safely shepherding us when necessary."

Robyn, Hawkes Bay, 2017